We have started the provision of Doctors Cloud™, a crowdsourcing service with medical professionals that realizes a one-stop service of leveraging medical specialists online, which will be indispensable to the creation of future digital healthcare services, such as medical applications and health management services.

We have already networked more than 400 expert doctors based on our own screening criteria and guidelines and have established a system that allows these experts to provide medical care and health and healthcare related services online.

Currently, pharmaceutical and insurance companies have started developing and releasing medical applications and services, and moreover, owing to growing expectations to telemedicine, the utilization of IT in the medical industry is rapidly spreading. In order to develop, run, and expand these new digital healthcare services smoothly, it is essential to have medical specialists, in particular doctors, with the skills and know-how in their specialized fields.

By organizing more than 400 experts online, we have made it possible to provide a one-stop support from planning through developing and running applications and services. For example, according to the needs, such as to start a new health support service for patients, to start a new medical consultation service for companies, or to start a service to support specific medical professionals, we can form a team with the best expert doctors who play their active roles online to handle service tasks. We can fully customize the number and composition of expert doctors, depending on the goal of each digital healthcare service.

In addition, to take greater advantage of these expert doctors, we provide support for using digital platforms as well. We support the construction of services based on the actual clinical environment from the perspective of medical professionals by combining the latest technologies of IoT and AI, including medical social media and telemedicine system.

We will proceed with providing our service with mainly more than 400 highly specialized doctors. Our goal is to increase the number of these doctors up to 2,000 in the next two years. Furthermore, we are planning to expand our fields other than doctors but to online nurses and pharmacists.


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