We have released Find Af, a remote IoT atrial fibrillation detection service. We have already started large-scale clinical trials with a major pharmaceutical company in April of this year, which is being conducted at 50 general hospitals, including university hospitals. We have completed the system that enables atrial fibrillation, which is arrhythmia that accounts for more than 30% of cerebral infarction, and that cannot have been detected with normal Holter electrocardiography (ECG), to be detected with few burdens on patients. Moreover, our system can provide immediate feedback of the results to doctors on site through medical social media, Medical Care Station. We will continue to promote the provision of authentic medical services and the essence of which we have pursued at all clinical environments and at sites with issues on public health.

Please look forward to our announcements in the near future because we will release a number of new business developments with which we are concurrently proceeding at the moment. We appreciate your continued support.

Click here for the press release: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000005.000051229.html