DOCTORS Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; president & CEO: Takao Yanagawa; hereinafter referred to as “DOCTORS”), which provides one-stop services for the development, commercialization, sales, and distribution of digital healthcare services and the platform supporting medical aligned telemedicine, has started developing a medical video communication platform to achieve communications that connect the entire medical industry in partnership with ZVC JAPAN K.K. (parent company: Zoom Video Communications, Inc.; head office: San Jose, California, U.S.A; CEO: Eric S. Yuan, Japan country general manager: Fuminori Saga; hereinafter referred to as “Zoom”).


DOCTORS, working with over 600 expert doctors, has provided more than 150 companies with the total support for digital healthcare services equipped with the quality, medical standards, evidentiality, and business profitability acceptable in the medical workplace. Meanwhile, video communications by Zoom have been used globally regardless of industry and have abundant track records in stable communication services. By combining the strengths of these two companies, DOCTORS will promote the development of an advanced medical video communication platform that connects the entire medical industry with secure video technology suited to medical environments.


The development of a medical video communication platform started with the participation of DOCTORS in Zoom’s ISV Partner Program, which provides the services of online medical support and digital healthcare for patients, medical institutions, and companies, as well as enabling the video technology to be used and optimized for medical use. Accordingly, this makes it possible to realize a new communication infrastructure that connects the entire medical industry by Business to Doctor (B to D) and Business to Business (B to B), including medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical wholesalers, in addition to online medical consultation and telemedicine between medical institutions and patients, which will promote remote, real-time video communication in various medical settings in society. Moreover, based on the perspective of security, which was one of the issues in the conventional videoconference system, we will achieve a video communication environment conforming to not only two guidelines by three ministries*1 but also the Guidelines for Proper Implementation of Online Medical Care by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare with this medical video communication platform.


*1: This indicates the Guidelines for the Safety Management of Medical Information Systems by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and the Guidelines for Safety Management of Medical Information by Providers of Information Systems and Services Handling Medical Information by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as well as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.


Figure: DOCTORS’ new medical video communication platform powered by Zoom


■Details of partnership
We will promote the following with the medical video communication platform.

(1) Promotion and support of the digital healthcare industry
(2) Improvement of productivity in a wide range of industries and fields, including medical institutions, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices
(3) Contribution to the revitalization of local governments and healthcare of local residents
(4) Digital transformation of medical and health care


■Major usage scenarios for medical video communication platform

– At online medical consultation
– At telemedicine
– For online instruction on the use of drugs
– For patient information linkage and sharing at medical institutions
– For online explanations of how to use medicines and medical devices


By promoting the development of a medical video communication platform that makes use of Zoom’s advanced technological base, DOCTORS will further contribute to society while achieving new communication that connects the entire medical industry with secure video technology suited to medical environments.


[Overview of DOCTORS Co., Ltd.]
Company name: DOCTORS Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takao Yanagawa, President & CEO
Head office: 5F PMO Hamamatsucho II, 2-3-6 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 Japan
Date of establishment: September 2016
Date of business launching: October 2019
Business description: Providing various services, including Doctors Cloud® to support the commercialization of digital healthcare services, Doctors Next® for comprehensively supporting medical DX and digital healthcare services, and Doctors Station® for supporting medical-collaborative telemedicine services by making use of the network of active EXPERT DOCTORS* based on original guidelines.
*EXPERT DOCTOR: A network of doctors who have top-class experience and achievements in the clinical environment and have a positive attitude toward digital healthcare and medical DX. More than 600 doctors, mostly specialists, participate in this network.


Contact person: Uematsu, Platform Division
TEL: +81-3-6263-8871